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Customer want cheap, fast and best…………….unfortunately that’s not always the way business works.
In the automotive repair industry, service and knowledge make the best repair shop.
A mechanic shop is more likely to be successful and have satisfied customers if they provide proper workmanship and competitive prices and then they will be producing revenue for many years to come as customers feel happy !
The old model about making as much money as possible from one customer is gone…customers are more educated, ask more questions and demand competitive and affordable pricing.  Customer loyalty is earned when you are consistently offering affordable and reasonable rates…………being the lowest price is not always what the customer wants…the customer wants efficiency, value and trust.
TRUE VALUE DELIVERED CREATES LOYALTY.  Best Deals Auto has been in business for over 23 years and has many thousands of satisfied clients that keep coming back for all their car needs !  We must be doing something right to have earned the trust of so many !
Its not selling the work, its counselling the clients as to whats in their best interests within their budget and constraints that is important.  When the clients believe you care, they feel this vibe, and are more satisfied they are getting value, hence customer retention !
WAY TO GO BEST DEALS AUTO !  Being in business for 23 years is a HIP HIP HOORAY !