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When drivers go to refuel at the gas station, it takes about 2-3 minutes to refuel the average car.  Its quite a quick process.  Recharging an electric car at a charging station specifically designed for this purpose takes about 25 to 45 minutes, which seems unreasonable for most people.
The concept of an electric car is good, but the consumer market has not welcomed electric cars whole-heartedly just yet.  The most essential requirements for electric car ownership have not been met such as user-friendly charging infrastructure and to do so will take time………some predict 20-30 years at best.
The electric auto industry is still struggling to make batteries more efficient and cheaper and are developing elaborate second-life programs for batteries to make them more affordable as currently some cost upwards of $5000-10000 each.
The most elemental challenge with electric cars is the recharging and lack of infrastructure across North America…………there is a gas station at virtually every corner but you don’t find too many charging stations presently !
Although manufacturers are leaning towards increasing electric or hybrid car production over the next 5-7 years,  the transition phase from combustion engines to full hybrid has a far way to come to persuade the change-over…………….the government needs to invest much more in the way of making electric cars more convenient to own.
For now, traditional cars that need traditional mechanical repairs are here to stay.  So enjoy your car and don’t think too hard as its too far away for this to happen…………..you will know when its time to make the change over and Best Deals Auto doesn’t think its any time soon.
Autonomous driving is in the very very much future so lets get real guys !  There don’t appear to be any short term alternatives to your traditional cars just yet…………so the advice and general consensus is keep  your car maintained and safe as its still  your best bet for getting around.
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