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Is it Time for Routine Automotive Service?

Even if you’ve had some automotive service done on your vehicle in the past few months, it may be time for your vehicle to have a general tune up. While you may think your car is doing fine, you may be missing some of the small signs that show you need to have some routine maintenance done on your vehicle. It’s important to notice these little signs so you get that tune up done before you end up with a major problem that strains your bank account. The following are the top signs your vehicle requires a tune up. Look for these signs and if you notice a few of them, it’s time to visit Best Deals Auto

Sign #1 – Your Gas Mileage Suddenly Drops

One of the big signs that you may need some routine maintenance done on your vehicle is a sudden drop in your gas mileage. You may suddenly notice that you have to fill up more often than before. Your vehicle could have a bad fuel injector, a dirty fuel filter or a problem with the spark plugs, so have your vehicle serviced quickly.

Sign #2 – Strange Knocking Noises

Strange knocking or pinging noises are also signs that you may need to have some routine automotive service completed. In many cases, you could be dealing with a bad fuel injectors or another problem that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Sign #3 – It’s Tough to Start Your Vehicle

Have you noticed that it’s tough to start your vehicle? You may need a tune up. If your vehicle isn’t turning over right when you try to start it, this could be a sign of several problems that will need fixed soon.

Sign #4 – Turning the Steering Wheel Causes Squealing

If you’re turning the steering wheel of your car and a loud squealing noise occurs, it’s time for a tune up. You may just have low fluids that need refilled. However, you could have a leak, which means that simply replacing the fluids won’t be enough to fix the problem.

Sign #5 – The Brakes Feel Spongy

Do your brakes feel spongy or a little soft when you use them? Perhaps you notice your brake pedal is going down further when you push it. These are signs you need some automotive service for your brakes. Low brake fluid could be the problem, but you may also need new brake pads.

Sign #6 – Your Vehicle Stalls from Time to Time

It can be frustrating when your vehicle stalls on you. However, it could be a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. Be sure to notice when your vehicle stalls. Is it stalling when your air is running? Does it stall when cold or when hot? Paying attention to these little details can help your mechanic figure out the root problem.

Sign #7 – Jerking Feeling When Shifting

Last, it may be time for a tune up if you’re noticing a jerking feeling when your vehicle shifts. It may be especially noticeable when you shift into drive. You may simply need a transmission filter and fluid. However, if you don’t get to Best Deals Auto shop soon, you could end up having to spend more on a new transmission.

PAYING attention to your vehicle and noticing any signs of the above could save you money in the long run.  Don’t forget to tune-up your vehicle every couple of years to make your car last longer.  Remember that your car is the second biggest investment most people make.  The first is your mortgage and the second is usually a car.  Take care of it and it will take care of you !