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Anita Gulati, and Ricky Balroop, who owns and operates Best Deals Auto in Toronto (Etobicoke), says that one way to tackle doubt from customers regarding repairs or services to their cars, is by using photographs to email them, or showing the customer what is wrong with the car and what is required to repair it.  It is often very hard to explain something to a customer, but when a customer actually sees the car on the hoist and sees the brakes worn, its a completely different matter.
Best Deals Auto values taking the time to explain to the customer what is wrong, especially when it comes to vehicle maintenance, electronic repairs and spending money on their car.  In many cases, clients do not have the knowledge beforehand, and are not prepared for the news.  Seeing is believing and when they can actually see the issues with their car, they are more appreciative.
Best Deals Auto stands out above the crowd because their business model is that the single most important element for customer retention is communication with their customers.  Obviously trained technicians who can handle the repairs are required, but success is customer service and how comfortable the clients feel for the valuation of the work and honesty of service.