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Lease Or Buy a Vehicle ?

Usually lease payments are less than finance payments, but you should never forget that you don’t actually own the vehicle the lease company does; you’re only the caretaker. Unfortunately, as the caretaker if you don’t partake care and feeding of your leased vehicle, you may get a very expensive reminder at the end of your lease when your car undergoes its wear-and-tear inspection.

For example, when you learn the cost for the door ding you got in the supermarket parking lot you may gasp at the added expense on your lease return. Or that cigarette burn in the upholstery on the drivers seat you said never mind to. Or those extra kilometres from your family vacation to Disney World, Florida. Add it all up, and you may be on the hook for hundreds or even thousands of dollars. Some wear-and-tear is worth fixing in advance, while other problems might be safely ignored.

Here are some tips to help you and your wallet to survive the inspection.

1. Repair damaged bumpers, broken windshields or bald tires. Otherwise, the lessor will do it for you, for a fee.
“Tires, glass and bumpers are the three things that you are always better off fixing yourself,” . If your tires have at least 4mm of tread remaining, you probably won’t be charged. But if your tires are bald, you may be on the hook for replacements. This is why it’s a good reason to rotate your tires on a regular basis.  Let Best Deals Auto help with this !

Damaged bumpers are another common problem.   Its cheaper to get it replaced or repaired at a private shop then let your dealership bill you at Dealer Sky High Prices.  Likewise, you’ll be charged for any equipment that doesn’t work properly, such as radios, window regulators, navigation systems and the like. It’s a good idea to get these things fixed in advance, so that you can get a decent price on the repairs. Also, its a good idea to keep your receipts, so that you can document your repairs.

If a headlight or taillight is scuffed but not broken, you may avoid a penalty fee. But the inspector won’t overlook a major crack in the windshield.  Again, its better to get this fixed elsewhere rather than let the dealership charge you an arm and a leg for this repair at their high prices .

3. You may get a break on minor door dings, scratches and upholstery stains.

Check your lease policy. Every lease policy interprets these problems differently, so it pays to read the fine print. Small dings, scratches and stains are often considered to be legitimate wear-and-tear. In general, you’re subject to what’s known as the “credit card test” for lease damage. If the damage is a scratch that can be covered up by a standard credit card, you’re good. Make sure you are covered by this credit card test before you turn your car in.

For example, some lease companies won’t charge for body dents less than one inch in diameter, while others won’t charge for dents less than four inches wide. But if there’s a puncture in a body panel, in all likelihood you’re going to be charged for it.

4. Make sure that your car has all the equipment it started out with.
If you left the cover for your car’s luggage compartment in a corner of the garage, remember to put it back. And ditto for the spare tire cover or the third row of seats for your SUV.

5. Make sure that your car gets scheduled maintenance.
Keep a written record of your car’s maintenance, so that you can prove you changed the oil regularly, checked fluid levels, rotated the tires, etc.
If you encounter engine trouble or other mechanical problems, your records will help demonstrate that you were not at fault. Of course, if your lease is no longer than 36 months, the vehicle warranty should cover the cost of any necessary repairs.

6. Some lessors offer wear-and-tear insurance, but consider the price carefully.
If you’re a hopeless slob – or if you have small children who tend to spill things – you might consider buying wear-and-tear protection.  However, these are usually highly priced and  customers may end up paying a hefty premium for their coverage. Do your homework.  Usually just common sense and extra precautions to attend to things if and when they happen rather than waiting will save you in the long run.

7. Don’t exceed your annual mileage limits. The leasing company won’t cut you any slack.

Lessors generally offer a range of mileage allowances.If you know you are going to do some serious driving, lessors generally allow you to buy extra mileage limits for a fee per km, which is considerably less than the penalty fee.

Why is Windshield Glass So Important to your Safety ?

Unlike the rest of the tempered glass on your car, windshield glass is laminated. Tempered glass shatters, laminated glass is shatter-proof. That’s why windshields withstand impact better. Smaller windshield fractures can be fixed, but sometimes, when bigger breaks and cracks occur, replacement is the only option. To find out what’s best for your windshield – repair or replacement – contact Best Deals Auto.
Best Deals Auto will get you on your way quickly. Our premium service includes:
  • Selection from a large inventory of in-stock glass
  • Replacing your windshield to manufacturers’ safety standards
  • Using only top quality tested materials
  • Fast service: we replace your windshield in less than an hour.
  • Mobile service in most West Toronto areas weather permitting
  • Professional stone chip repair
Our Guarantees
  • We guarantee our windshields against all manufacturers’ defects
  • We offer a 2 year warranty against any leakage
  • We deal with all insurance companies and handle all claims.
  • No insurance ?  No problem.  We offer value and integrity prices for private repairs.


Life is unpredictable and sometimes its not easy, when you’re dealing life, finances and with an automobile things can always go sideways. Driving down the road and being safe but out of the blue something could strike you, or you have to swerve and collide with something. If you have insurance, you could make a claim for repairs, but you may end up with a dent, fender loose, or a variety of other issues that you will have to pay for out of pocket. When this happens, life can seem messed up, but there’s no need to panic. You can easily get it fixed for an affordable price, if you seek out a proper auto collision repair Toronto shop. Best Deals Auto has 3 distinct elements and reasons to choose us.

Independence – The first thing that you want to look for is a business that is independently owned and operated. This will denote whether or not the pricing is going to be somewhat favorable or not. You’ll find that larger corporate run operations won’t allow the price to have a sliding scale at all so if you can’t afford their prices, you will get turned away. At an independent you can at least bargain a little, within reason. You’ll have to have a frank discussion and try to gauge if there’s wiggle room. Most often you’ll get a good price just by being friendly.

Love of Cars – When you are shopping around to find a good auto collision repair Toronto shop you need to know whether or not the people there love cars. This will be denoted by the employees and people that you talk to, if you pay attention. Make sure that you are quick to hear buzz words or anything that would show you that your vehicle is in good hands. If everyone is uptight and there seems to be no real look or want to help you, then its not a good sign.

Quick Turn Around – Often times you will find that repairs take time, but efforts can be made to expedite the process. This will not occur with a dealership or anywhere, however a small company might be able to expedite the service to fit your needs. This is a great sign of a good place to take your vehicle to because they can truly understand what it’s like to be without a car while repairs are being made.

At Best Deals Auto, we understand your concerns and will try our best to make any collision repairs to your vehicle, as comfortable and less stressful as possible at a fair and affordable price with understanding and compassion of your needs and your safety to get you on the road again !

Schedule Regular Cooling System Flushes

Not a good thing to Imagine you, sitting on the side of the road, watching steam gushing from your car radiator. Maybe you didn’t know you should get your coolant system flushed and the anti-freeze replaced every two years. Maybe you knew, but kept putting it off ’til “tomorrow”. One thing you do know for certain is this will never happen again!

This is not a good memory or good thing to encounter !

For some reason, caring for a car’s coolant system is the most ignored car maintenance task. However, this is a prime example where prevention is less painful than the cure. And, inconveniences such as this make a good case for using the same reputable and reliable auto repair shop to remind you of upcoming service needs. After about two years, the chemicals in antifreeze begins to break down; causing gunk and grime build up in your radiator, hoses, head gasket and engine. Eventually, the entire cooling system will be obstructed and your engine will overheat. Statistics from the Canadian Ministry of Transportation enlighten us that the principal reason for mechanical failure when driving on the highway is malfunction of cooling systems. Plain old-fashioned neglect is the root cause of cooling system failure.

In between your car’s cooling system flushes, it’s a good idea to examine the hoses, water pump and radiator occasionally. White-streaked hoses indicate leakage, as would a major loss of coolant in a brief amount of time. If nothing else seems awry the problem could have stemmed with the engine briefly overheating. Look at the markings on the side of the overflow bottle to determine low and high levels. Then, remove the radiator cap to find out if the antifreeze level is up to the top. If so, fill the overflow bottle with a blend of 50% water and 50% antifreeze.

Call Best Deals Auto to schedule a cooling system flush today !

Most Common Signs Your Vehicle Requires a Tune Up

Is it Time for Routine Automotive Service?

Even if you’ve had some automotive service done on your vehicle in the past few months, it may be time for your vehicle to have a general tune up. While you may think your car is doing fine, you may be missing some of the small signs that show you need to have some routine maintenance done on your vehicle. It’s important to notice these little signs so you get that tune up done before you end up with a major problem that strains your bank account. The following are the top signs your vehicle requires a tune up. Look for these signs and if you notice a few of them, it’s time to visit Best Deals Auto

Sign #1 – Your Gas Mileage Suddenly Drops

One of the big signs that you may need some routine maintenance done on your vehicle is a sudden drop in your gas mileage. You may suddenly notice that you have to fill up more often than before. Your vehicle could have a bad fuel injector, a dirty fuel filter or a problem with the spark plugs, so have your vehicle serviced quickly.

Sign #2 – Strange Knocking Noises

Strange knocking or pinging noises are also signs that you may need to have some routine automotive service completed. In many cases, you could be dealing with a bad fuel injectors or another problem that should be taken care of as soon as possible.

Sign #3 – It’s Tough to Start Your Vehicle

Have you noticed that it’s tough to start your vehicle? You may need a tune up. If your vehicle isn’t turning over right when you try to start it, this could be a sign of several problems that will need fixed soon.

Sign #4 – Turning the Steering Wheel Causes Squealing

If you’re turning the steering wheel of your car and a loud squealing noise occurs, it’s time for a tune up. You may just have low fluids that need refilled. However, you could have a leak, which means that simply replacing the fluids won’t be enough to fix the problem.

Sign #5 – The Brakes Feel Spongy

Do your brakes feel spongy or a little soft when you use them? Perhaps you notice your brake pedal is going down further when you push it. These are signs you need some automotive service for your brakes. Low brake fluid could be the problem, but you may also need new brake pads.

Sign #6 – Your Vehicle Stalls from Time to Time

It can be frustrating when your vehicle stalls on you. However, it could be a sign of a problem that needs to be addressed. Be sure to notice when your vehicle stalls. Is it stalling when your air is running? Does it stall when cold or when hot? Paying attention to these little details can help your mechanic figure out the root problem.

Sign #7 – Jerking Feeling When Shifting

Last, it may be time for a tune up if you’re noticing a jerking feeling when your vehicle shifts. It may be especially noticeable when you shift into drive. You may simply need a transmission filter and fluid. However, if you don’t get to Best Deals Auto shop soon, you could end up having to spend more on a new transmission.

PAYING attention to your vehicle and noticing any signs of the above could save you money in the long run.  Don’t forget to tune-up your vehicle every couple of years to make your car last longer.  Remember that your car is the second biggest investment most people make.  The first is your mortgage and the second is usually a car.  Take care of it and it will take care of you !

CAR CARE TIPS: Your Vehicle is like your Body

Whether you are a new car owner or an existing vehicle owner, it is your responsibility to take care of your vehicle, regardless how knowledgeable you are on the different repairs and components of your vehicle or you have zero knowledge about its technicality.  As a car owner, you should try to treat your vehicles with respect.  For example, part of taking care of your body is to bathe it, tidy it to look presentable whenever you go out, nourish it and drink lots of water.  Similarly, caring for your car is taking it into a mechanic for regular maintenance and to have a checkup when something is wrong with it.

To make your vehicle last longer, healthy and responsive, it is important for it to be well taken care off. Like a man, a person without experiencing diseases and distress are the ones who live longer, that is why you need to be aware on what’s going on with your vehicle to know if it needs to be bought to mechanics and vehicle care centers.

Your Vehicle is like Your Body

Whenever you feel something wrong within your body, for sure you would know it by using your senses. In vehicles, it goes the same, whenever you are riding your vehicle, it would be an extended part of your body. The different senses such as: sight, smell, feel and hearing is what you would use for detecting problems in your vehicle.

Opening up your Senses

In our previous blogs, we discussed what common problems vehicle owners experienced during driving or when their car is in a static position. We discussed different problems when we see something such as oil spills, hear screeches and low rumble and smell burning oil during driving. These are some indications that something is wrong with your vehicle.

Whenever you are driving, when you feel something is not right unlike the way that you used to drive, make sure to not disregard these problems. These problems would lead into more serious problems when not taken cared off. Whenever you see weird oil spills that have odd color, make sure to bring your car to Best Deals Auto.

Bring it to its doctor

Whenever we feel something wrong with our body, usually we would visit a doctor for consultation. This is the only way we know what cure is needed for our disease or ill feeling that we experience or to know if we needed extra medical attention. This is the same with vehicles, whenever you feel something wrong with its performance and seeing signs of problems, you definitely need to bring it into a mechanic  for knowing the exact problem it experiences and to know solutions for these specific problems .

Not bringing your vehicle into the mechanic whenever you are experiencing minor problems would lead to more problems into vehicles. Accidents or engine breakdown are caused by lack of maintenance and ignoring the signs of problem in vehicles. Usually, lack of investment where the owner thought he could save thousands of dollars from not visiting a mechanic lead to further losses.

Trust Best Deals Auto to take care of your car to make it look its best and drive safe !